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Outdoor Residential Accent Lighting: Explore Your Options


When it comes to outdoor residential accent lighting, there’s no better choice than LED strip lighting installed by a reputable team. Movilume lights set up by a company with a proven track record, like Ablaze Lighting, can add light while increasing curb appeal. It’s a cost-effective means of illumination that stands firmly above the competition. Exploring the benefits of LEDs and why they’re an optimal choice for residential applications will make the choice to upgrade all the more simple. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs have been go-to choices in the past, but their shortcomings are now easily overcome by the new king of lighting.



These are the bulbs you’re most likely acquainted with. In cartoons when a character has an idea, it’s the bulb that appears above their head. It’s been used since the 1880s and has performed well during that time. The rising cost of power is making them far more expensive to operate than in previous decades. Incandescent lights also have a very short life expectancy of about a thousand hours. That means that they’ll need to be replaced with alarming frequency in many applications. They can be found in several colours, but to adequately convey your love for a holiday like Christmas, you’ll need to break out the ladder and go all around the house to make festive changes.



These are typically the long tube-style lights often found in garages or over kitchen counters. Fluorescent lights last between 6,000 and 15,000 hours, providing they don’t come into contact with the severe temperature changes associated with Canadian seasons or any vibrations from the wind. They are generally found in only a few colours, mostly variations of white. They’re less costly than incandescent bulbs to operate, but aren’t as resilient as their older brothers.



This is by far the best exterior lighting choice for residential applications. LEDs last upwards of 50,000 hours, which means use of six to eight hours a day for twenty years! They take very little power to operate, and they’re resistant to humidity, moisture, and wind vibrations. They can even change colour through utilization of an intuitive phone app. Imagine being able to flick a switch to convert your outdoor accent lighting into Christmas decorations without the need for a ladder. The colour choices are not limited to Christmas. LED lighting strips can be set to just about any colour. You could use your accent lighting to promote a cause, or show support for your favourite sports team with ease.


Outdoor residential accent lighting has come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. There’s simply no reason not to upgrade your current lighting to LEDs. You’ll be rewarded with a fantastic life expectancy, a lower power bill, and a range of colour choices that can be changed at any time through your phone. Contact a reputable installer today to learn more about Movilume and the additional benefits offered through their LED strip lighting systems. You’ll give your home a lighting facelift that will make you the envy of your neighbours!